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Protect an office online add-on Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2018/11/23   02:06
Open Office JS Template in same Excel File Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2018/08/02   16:51
Access Token using Identityserver4 in office.js Unknown User 2 Unknown User Link To Post 2018/06/28   14:54
[Web Texts] Synchronization not possible Lukasz Nowak 2 Romain Courteaud Link To Post 2017/07/21   13:56
Task Manager JS does not work Unknown User 2 Romain Courteaud Link To Post 2017/07/20   10:09
Save callback handler from 'Ctrl +S ' in office.js add-in Unknown User 1 Unknown User Link To Post 2017/06/20   05:01
Jabber password bug Unknown User 2 Unknown User Link To Post 2017/06/02   11:01
declareService vs declareJob Unknown User 4 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2017/03/08   10:47
Font problem in Unknown User 3 Unknown User Link To Post 2017/03/08   01:23
Where is renderjs documentation ? or which is latest doc ? Unknown User 2 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2017/03/07   14:03
Dead link in Unknown User 2 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2017/03/07   14:02
Unhandled Exception with Bookmarks App Unknown User 4 Sebastian Kreisel Link To Post 2017/02/16   15:30
[Release][PDF Reader] First release of PDF Reader Cédric Le Ninivin 1 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2016/12/21   17:35
[Release][Image Editor] First release of Image Editor Cédric Le Ninivin 1 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2016/12/20   16:43
[Release][Bookmark Manager] version 1.2 add support for Dropbox Cédric Le Ninivin 3 Cédric Le Ninivin Link To Post 2016/12/20   11:28

Latest News

07-11 2018

Open Source / Free Software for Effective Industry 4.0

Programme and Information about the Industry 4.0 Meetup by Nexedi GmbH and Fraunhofer IAO on November 12th, 2018 in Stuttgart with Amarisoft, Linutronix, Olimex and Télécom ParisTech.
05-11 2018

Can Free big data regulate AI and the data economy?

Market does not seem to provide any valid solution to the new issues posed by a data economy which is characterised by a combination of increasing returns and legal blockers to community or ecosystem based competition. As a consequence, the current known optimal organisation to monetise big data and A.I. is the private or state monopoly. We review in this article possible alternatives that could be considered in the future and how to enforce them.
31-10 2018

Are Linux containers stable enough for production and why Nexedi uses SlapOS nano-containers instead ?

Nexedi does not use LXC containers or docker because it is impossible to ensure their stable operation especially in case of kernel ABI mismatch or missing containerisation of system calls. Instead, we use SlapOS nano-containers which have provided since 2010 similar benefits in a more stable way while using less resources. SlapOS nano-containers will soon be deployed on embedded device using Elbe embedded Linux with over-the-air (OTA) upgrade and secure boot.
30-10 2018

Five Evolutions of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is essentially the automation of IT service provisioning through software which replace human tasks. It is currently evolving in multiple directions. Free Software and Open Hardware will eventually lead to massive price cuts compared to current price levels in USA or Asia. Edge Computing will reduce the need of data centres whenever network latency or availability become critical. Service Workers will eliminate the need of servers, both at the edge or at the data centre, in 90% cases. Big Servers will eventually replace smaller servers as the standard fabric the data centre.

23-11 2018

Protect an office online add-on by Unknown User

I am new to the development of add-ons for online office. I am interested although I have the following doubts: When you make a vba add-on, there is the possibility to share it with other users and protect the code with a password so that it is not visible and can not steal our code. This add-on can be used in different machines just by executing or uploading the add-on without much technical knowledge. In an online excel plugin, how can I share this plugin so that they can upload the complentemeto to their accounts online or to their own computers, but can not see the source code that they develop, similar to VBA? Greetings.
02-08 2018

Open Office JS Template in same Excel File by Unknown User

Hi, I would like to open an standalone Excel JS Application as an action pane through my existing VBA Macro or VSTO Application Ribbon in same excel environment/file instead of new excel file. Trying to explain in different way I already have developed VSTO application which has got various ribbons, now I like to have standalone Excel JS application to be opened in that active excel sheet instead of popping new excel file. Thanks, Pawan